Fall Hats

A fall crop of hats! Most of these are sold, but can be used as examples to see what you might like… let me know! And check store links on my home page to see what is currently listed at Fiberartist Market and Etsy.


4 thoughts on “Fall Hats”

  1. I look for you every year at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. You haven’t been there for awhile. Your hats are wonderful – I have several but could want a new one. Will you be there this year by any chance? Adrianne Lobel

    1. Hi Adrianne, I remember you! Alas, travel and shipping to the east coast shows, from my remote base in New Mexico, have just become too expensive to be worth it. I do have an Etsy shop -https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisajoyDesignsTaos – but no hats listed currently as I pulled them all out for two shows in Santa Fe, including the Mountain and Valley Wool Fest this weekend. I should have time to take and send you pics of what i have in a week or so; email me your head circumference and color/shape interests? Around your head at forehead, should fall between 21″-23″. I’ll shoot you an email that you can reply to! So nice to hear from you, thanks for tracking me down!

  2. I just purchased a purple hat from you at the Mountain and Valley Wool Fest today. You mentioned in your response to the previous e-mail that you will be at two shows in Santa Fe. What is the other show? Thanks, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy! Yes, I am signed up for the Fall Fiber Fiesta at the Scottish Rite Temple on Paseo de Peralta November 18 and 19. You can look it up at the NM Fiberarts Center website, NM Fiberarts Center. Also, I occasionally come to Santa Fe to shop or whatever, and have been known to meet people in parking lots with a bin of hats!

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