There are so many different ways to wear my hats!

Many of my hats have a flexible drape that I think of as “on the wing”, and can be worn in a multitude of styles. There is no front or back; so get in front of your mirror, fold and drape the felt in different ways, and experiment with what expresses “you!”… or even what mood you might be in. Feeling flirty? put the flaps standing up at the front. Stylish? give the hat asymetry with flaps off to the side. Not feeling social? ok, just pull the flap down over your face … just kidding…maybe.
(And yes, these are all the same hat!)

4 thoughts on “There are so many different ways to wear my hats!”

  1. i saw a photo of one of my friends in one of your hats and i love it. i’ve looked at (or tried to look at) all your sales sites but can only find yarn. do you still make hats ?

    1. Yes! They are just more complex to sell online (sizing/try-on, etc) and my stock is currently somewhat low. Use email link to let me know what you’re looking for in colors/size/style and I’ll send you pics of what I have!

  2. What’s the price range for your hats? I like simple hats that fit around the middle of my head perhaps with a tilt.

    Not fixed on any color, but not a bright color.

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